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hi, welcome petlovers

This site is dedicated to our Pets.

Our family has five pets - three cats called Tiffany, Goldie and Peaches, and birds.

(Oh, and Charlotte insists that her catcus, Ursula, is also a pet - details)


Tiffany's Page

One of our cats, Tiffany, is the 'wimp' or coward.  She is a very small and timid animal. She is also getting quite aged.

For all that she is a 'scaredy-cat', she is also the most affectionate, and is always cuddling with someone if she gets half-a-chance.

Goldie's Page

Goldie is not, as you might expect, gold coloured, but that didn't stop us using that name!

She is the hunter, and a rambunctious brawler.  She often wants to 'attack' Tiffany as part of a game, but is seldom allowed.  She is also a little bad-tempered, and will scratch if she doesn't want to be patted.

The Birds' Page

Zavanna is a "Star of Stage", as she had a starring role in the Hutt Valley High School production of 'Daughters of Heaven'.

The play needed a female bird, because they don't sing, and so wouldn't interfere with the human proceedings!

Despite rave reviews, Zavanna has taken a graceful retirement, and now lives out her days basking, not in renown, but in the sunshine in our family room. She has been joined by Michael, named for Desiree's late brother. Michael moved in after Michael's death

Peaches' Page

Peaches is Charlotte's cat.

She started out as a cactus-substitute, after the passing of the late and much lamented Ursula - Charlotte's pet cactus.

Very much the junior of the feline hierarchy, she has struggled to find a niche.

Now she is twice the size of Tiffany, and much quicker and more agile than Goldie. But still, she often seems a spectator of our lives.

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