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Hi, my name is Goldie Lightning Mulligan. Once I was 8 years, 6 months, 14 weeks, 7 days old, but now I've given up counting. 

Im a Sagittarius. My favourite colour is dark blue, and I enjoy hitting a small ball around in circles (I must say I'm rather good at this senseless game!) I'm very fond of lounging in the sun, lounging in cupboards and other people's beds. I also enjoy scaring sparrows. I have 4 pets which I share with my sisters, the two birds and Peaches and Tiffany. We are the proud owners of 6 fine thorough-bred humans:

  • a tall blond one we fondly refer to as Jayne
  • one with brown hair we call Charlotte (Peaches' favourite),
  • one who used to wear black and can't decide if she lives with us or not - Sarah,
  • a very tall one one who makes things - Craig
  • and two older ones - Desiree and Bryan.
They are all very bright and cuddly. I'm one of the only 9 cats in the world who are capable of typing - one of the many and various skills that I picked up from the Dali Lama at the pet store.

I would entertain you further with my amazing life but I try not to mention my skills as it tends to make the others jealous.

Unfortunately Goldie passed away in the early afternoon of Monday 22 August, 2011. She now rests in her second favourite place - her garden. R I P.


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